Stupid, stupid, stupid

OMG! You’re DAW is coughing and cracking up no matter what you try? Um… Occam’s razor, peeps. Just realized after 45 minutes of banging my head against the wall that my computer was in power saving mode! Guess I won’t be tracking vocals tonight. G’night, world. Sleep tight. 

Click Tracks VS Video Games

Okay, so I’ve been telling myself for at least aWooden_Metronome month now that I’m going to give writing regular blog posts a shot and I keep not getting around to it. I’m a busy woman, you know. At any rate, I took an entire month off from my song project, (okay maybe a bit more than a month,) but I’m working on it again. I have to admit, I am feeling very torn at the moment as to whether I should continue with it or not. Continue reading “Click Tracks VS Video Games”